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Making Needle Injection Obsolete

Are simple adhesive patches a viable alternative?

Creation of a safe, effective, economical, and patient-friendly drug delivery interface has been an ongoing endeavor undertaken by the pharmaceutical industry. Medicinal chemists and biologists have the critical task of discovering and developing novel mechanisms that can address unmet medical needs by treating diseases with greater safety and convenience-enabling drug delivery platforms. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly focused upon optimizing administration methods to increase the effectiveness of treatment and improve overall patient compliance. However, most of these developments have been tiny evolutionary changes- smaller needles and more attractive design.

One notable quantum leap in technology to address the issues associated with sub-optimal drug delivery is occurring at the University of Florida’s award-winning Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator. Prometheon Pharma LLC has adopted a fundamentally different approach to transdermal drug delivery through its TopiconTM patch technology.

Prometheon Pharma’s TopiconTM drug patch formulation stands to be the first passive technology offering diabetes patients a needle-free replacement for frequent injections.  TopiconTM patches are unique in terms of incorporating thermo sensitive properties that can help maintain stability of a larger molecule drug within a solid matrix at room temperature. Upon application to the skin, TopiconTM becomes a proprietary dermoadhesive gel that achieves improved, passive transdermal delivery when compared to conventional subcutaneous injectable drug administration. 

Prometheon plans to collaborate with key patient advocacy groups to drive awareness of TopiconTM and to expand its suite of TopiconTM drug delivery patches across disease groups. Transdermal patch formulation for needle-free delivery of large peptide drugs will replace injectable drugs for diabetes and other major diseases. With a specially formulated drug patch product that allows for truly passive delivery of large molecule drugs across the skin, Prometheon Pharma’s TopiconTM is well positioned to offer patients a convenient and affordable diabetes treatment.

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